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Grant Procedure.


Grants are made to people of limited means who are either recovering from illness or trauma. Grants are also made to carers.

Grants cannot be made for the purchase of equipment, capital goods or debt relief.

Grants cannot be paid directly to the person for whom the grant is made.

The Trust gives thanks that it was able to meet the increased demand (21%) for grants during the recession. In order to continue to provide for those in need in the forthcoming year, new interim guidelines shall apply to all applications; ie: Breaks outside of the UK, or those where funding for convalescent/carers breaks is part of an applying organisation's remit will not be considered. We will also no longer award grants to the same individuals on a three yearly basis.


Please Note: Clients/Applicants themselves cannot apply directly to the fund.

Application for a grant needs to be made on behalf of the client by a professional in the Statutory or Voluntary sector, working with the individual / family.

An Application Form needs to be printed off, completed and sent along with a covering letter giving any useful additional information to the Grants Officer either by post to Mrs Joan Taffs, 4 Kenn Road, Clevedon, BS21 6EL or by email joan@clevedonforbes.org  

If the Grants Officer hasn't met with the person making the referral, an appointment will be made for Joan to come out and visit him or her at their place of work. Subsequent referrals do not normally require a visit, with any queries being dealt with by telephone.

Coronavirus update:- I will be available  Mondays, Tuesday mornings & Thursday afternoons to respond to your emails and answer machine messages and will collect post weekly. Referees from groups new to us will still require a “visit”, but this will be arranged using a video call, rather than in person. The grant process may take longer than usual, but we still welcome your applications. Any grants awarded may be in the form of a pledge, with the funding being released in line with any current government guidelines and restrictions re holidays and traveling. Joan.

The majority of grants are made to people living in the south west but people living further afield will be considered.

Once the required information and background has been obtained; if the application meets the Charity's criteria, and there are sufficient funds available, the Trustees will meet to decide if a grant is to be made.

The person making the referral will then be advised of the outcome by letter. A receipt requiring signature and return is enclosed with each cheque.

Click here to download the grant application form in PDF format (Print out and complete by hand)

Or click here to fill in the form on-screen (Form should be printed out and posted)


A Christian gospel booklet is sent out to people receiving a grant unless there is a specific request to the contrary.


The Trustees appreciate receiving feedback concerning the outcome from the use of the grant.

Data Protection

All information supplied will be held securely according to the principles of the Data Protection Act 1988 and the General Data Protection Regulations effective from May 2018. We will use the data that you provide to create an electronic and paper record, to assess grant entitlement and process the application and to enable the Forbes Fund to compile statistics. No data will be sold, used for marketing purposes or unnecessarily passed on to third parties. All data retained will only be as is necessary to meet our legal obligations and to discharge the Charities purposes.Please see our Privacy Policy for details.




Grants Officer: Joan Taffs
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