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Clevedon Forbes Fund is...

A Christian charity which makes grants for UK residents of limited means who need a convalescent break following illness or trauma.

Grants to assist with a break are also available to individuals caring for people with health problems or a disability.

Applications can only be accepted from professionals in the statutory or voluntary care sector on behalf of service users known to them. 

The Grants Officer may wish to meet each referee in person to discuss the application or care plan so that the Trustees can be assured that any grant awarded may be specifically tailored to the needs of the individual and be of maximum benefit to them. Interviews for this purpose are currently being held via video calls and appointments may be made by telephone on 01275 341777. The Trustees may assess the intended use of grant funds in the context of the Christian foundation of the charity.

Grants for an individual are unrepeatable, and the fund is unable to help with debt relief or the purchase of equipment or capital goods.

The charity was founded in 1881 when Rev Edward Forbes, vicar of Christchurch, Clevedon, established a convalescent home in memory of his wife who died earlier that year. Rev Forbes' desire was to share his experience of God's love through service and practical care. In 1990 the convalescent home was sold and the Fund was established with the Founders intentions preserved.

A Gospel is sent to each beneficiary, unless specifically requested otherwise, in the hope that they may learn more of the love of the Lord Jesus Christ and consider their response to His love.


Grants Officer: Joan Taffs
Operated by Clevedon Convalescent Fund, Charity No. 249313, founded in 1881 by Rev Edward Forbes