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Recipients' Comments

"It really perked us up. It was brilliant seeing them again. Many thanks"

-from a gentleman whose grant enabled enjoyment of a hotel break with his wife, combined with a visit to family, as part of his convalescence from hospital admissions for Cystic Fibrosis.


"We had a peaceful break over Christmas, and this allowed us to gain a great sense of optimism for the future. My children enjoyed the holiday in a very particular way as they have not had a proper Christmas celebration in ages. My youngest son has stopped bedwetting, proof that the holiday has had a very positive impact in helping him get over the traumatic experience."

"We enjoyed our festive break....and are extremely thankful to the trust for the holiday. We were able to have fun, socialise and make friends with other families who have experienced similar distressing situations."

-from two ladies who, with their children, were sheltering in a refuge for victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse. With our grants they were able to enjoy a Christmas break in complete safety, with coach travel, hotel accommodation, meals and entertainment provided.

The referee who applied for these grants on their behalf said:- " On behalf of these happy families, we would like to express our gratitude to the trustees of the Clevedon Forbes Fund, who work very hard to ensure that these disadvantaged individuals find a reason to smile again and to value life again."


“ It was the first holiday where I had absolutely nothing to do other than relax as all meals etc were provided. The boys were totally happy. The other families were very welcoming and the activities put on were really fun. I even found myself attending singing lessons each morning and performing at the end of the week with the rest of the choir. It was all so much fun and so refreshing to do something out of the ordinary. We all made lots of new friends and have linked up on WhatsApp to swap experiences and problems as we are all living with Autism. That has been invaluable to meet other parents that understand and have been there. Thank you for making this fabulous holiday possible.”

-from a Mum with 3 sons, 2 of whom have Autism. With the help of a grant Mum was able to enjoy a family holiday as a Carers break, in the Alnatt Centre, Isle of Wight, who specialise in providing holidays for families living with Autism.


” My son and I recently enjoyed an amazing holiday which would never have been possible without the grant given to us by your good selves. My son kept saying that he could not believe his dream of going to Legoland had come true. We made some amazing memories, increased by being able to stay in the resort hotel itself, designed totally for children, even down to the Lego minifigure lift announcements. The holiday really has made a lasting impression on him and has improved his wellbeing. I am overwhelmed by the support given to us by strangers, that just saying “Thank You” seems very inadequate”

from a father who enjoyed taking his son to Legoland to help convalesce from the very difficult times they had both gone through.


"The impact of our holiday was wonderful. The boys spent lots of time swimming. My son's behaviour improved, he was much calmer and very happy and this continued after the holiday ended. I was so glad to be able to take the carer with us as this really did give me a break and I was able to watch my sons having a fabulous time as well as joining in with some activities too"

-from a Mum with 3 sons, one of whom has Autism, who used our grant to enjoy a short break at Butlins, taking a paid carer with her.


"I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Clevedon Forbes Fund for your most generous donation of £500, affording us the luxury of taking a much needed holiday. Life with a special needs child is never easy, and as a mother I know I need to get some respite in order to refill my energy supplies, but life with a special needs child isn't cheap either, and most of our resources are spent on making his life as comfortable as possible. There is never any money left for luxuries such as a holiday"

-from the mother of a 7 year old boy with severe ADHD and ASD. Our grant helped towards the cost of a much needed summer break for the family.


"This carer took part in every activity that was made available to him. He was very good at the archery and enjoyed it so much he is going to take it up at the nearest archery club there is to his house. The trip has increased his confidence, self-esteem and he became a real peer supporter while he was there."

from the referee of a young carer, himself with a disability, who accompanied his friend on an activity break.


"We thoroughly enjoyed our break. It was much needed and so rewarding. Thank you for your kindness and for helping a very low couple feel good again."

- from a carer able to enjoy a much needed time away from home with his wife.


"I loved my break so much. I not only had a peaceful and relaxing time, I met some amazing people that I was able to talk to that also have HIV. I haven't slept so well in years. The whole experience was lovely"

- from a gentleman returning from a respite break in Cornwall.


"We found it very hard to leave our daughter, but we now feel fully recharged and we were able to spend quality time together as a couple without being interrupted. We met some people and made some new friends"

-from a couple able to have a 5 day break away from their caring role.


Thank you for helping us to get away on a break for a week. We have been through a stressful time in the past year and so much needed a break from it all.

- from a couple with two young children both of whom have had recent life threatening illnesses, leaving one child with a permanent disability.


Thank you for your kindness in providing the funding for my daughter and myself to go on holiday. Because of your generosity I had a friend who was able to be with me as my carer for the week to give my daughter a real break. She was able to join in all the activities on offer.

- from a lady with Multiple Sclerosis whose 8 year old daughter is a young carer.


I came home refreshed, less tired and back to my old self, who had long disappeared with my 'tabard and slippers' mentality.

- from a lady who cares for her severely disabled husband.



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